Simply, this outing is a carbon copy of what was once two friends in a room hitting metal and wood rhythmically, playing. Playing unhinged; playing for an unbooked set. As the state of things around them was already beat and at rest, Bill and Adam did the thing they could do with no agenda at hand (or any other appendage) which might guide energy into motion, and not clutter sound organization with the burden of emotion as prime or prerequisite.

This is music that happened:
live, the way it couldn’t in a club.
As music, more music,
it likely means just as much
or more,
or less,
as anything else.
I’m certain I can’t be sure.

-Matt Piet, April 2021

Adam Shead: Drums and Percussion
Bill Harris: Drums and Percussion

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Bill Harris in Chicago, IL.
Photography by Adam Shead