"MACRODOSE" marks Bill Harris's third solo record, following "Blinking Glue" (2022) and "ONOMAT" (2021). Harris's unique approach to solo drumming combines acoustic and electronic elements, utilizing feedback and timbral manipulation to create a distinctive auditory experience. Where Blinking Glue was a single-take, live performance which represented a snapshot of his live solo set, MACRODOSE returns to a similar format of ONOMAT, encapsulating shorter sonic spaces in a number of different tracks, and using studio techniques as part of the creative process.

MACRODOSE - bowed cymbals, feedback, pitch shifter

A Vermin Of Ladders - snare drum, floor tom, metal/wood objects, amplifier

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet - drum set, melodica, feedback

Straightjacket Weather - drum set, feedback, amplifier

Tropiometra I - drum set, amplifier

Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address - drum set

Connoquenessing - bowed cymbals

Astatine - snare drum, rubber mallets, feedback, pitch shifter

Tropiometra II - drum set, amplifier

You Will Make This About Yourself - drum set, amplifier

The Virtue Of The Lukewarm - drum set, feedback, pitch shifter

All tracks were performed live, except for 'MACRODOSE', which was multitracked.
'You Will Make This About Yourself' has speed shift processing added in post.

Recorded throughout 2023 at the Music Garage and Marmalade, Chicago, IL.
Recording, mixing, mastering by Bill Harris.
Artwork by Monret.
Packaging and design by Bill Harris.