"Landing is fiddler and songwriter Jess McIntosh’s dynamic follow-up to Long Time Exhaling (2016). Where their first record drew listeners into the daily intimacies of love and longing, this one faces outward, connecting the political with the personal, care for one’s neighbors with care for one’s self." - Abigail Zimmer (Author, girls their tongues)

Thank you kindly for listening - I'm very honored to have made this and to continue making things that reflect my experience of being alive. What a gift.


Recorded and mixed by Doug Malone at JAMDEK
Mastered by Carl Saff
Cover photo by Rachel Winslow

All songs written by Jess McIntosh & arranged by Jess McIntosh, Aaron Smith, and Bill Harris

Bill Harris - percussion, drums
Aaron Smith - bass, banjo, guitar, vocals
Emily Nott - guitar, vocals
Sara Leginsky - banjo, vocals
Anna S. Jacobson - trumpet, french horn
Cass Pautler - clarinet
Dan Andree - fiddle
Steve Doyle - dobro, electric guitar