Hearsay is an improvising trio hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Chicago. Comprised of visionary experimental sound artist Allen Moore, versatile cellist, guitarist, and composer Ishmael Ali, and dynamic drummer Bill Harris, Hearsay cultivates a distinct and captivating aesthetic that traverses ethereal dimensions, gradually morphing rhythmic tapestries, and electrifying improvised soundscapes. Their music elicits a mesmerizing blend of textures, as if conjured from another dimension, leaving listeners both spellbound and invigorated. Building upon the success of their self-titled debut album, Hearsay (2021), their highly anticipated upcoming record, Glossolalia, is a testament to the boundless creativity that emerged during their fruitful recording sessions. Pushing the boundaries of experimental music even further, this latest offering embraces a vast sonic palette, seamlessly interweaving timbres, grooves, and a compelling interplay that defies categorization but evokes familiarity and wonder.

Hearsay is:
Allen Moore - turntables
Ishmael Ali - cello, guitar
Bill Harris - drum set

Recorded at Marmalade in Chicago, on January 16 and 17, 2021 by Ishmael Ali and Bill Harris.

Mixing and mastering by Ishmael Ali and Bill Harris.

Artwork by Jacob van Loon.