Part of the appeal of improvised music is the spontaneity of it: fleeting moments that briefly appear within the shifting timbres, rhythms, and textures of the art.

This album, Dawa, marks such a meeting. The recording is a documentation of a first meeting between Paris-based trumpet player, composer & improviser Timotheé Quost, Chicago/New York-based cellist, guitarist, and improviser Ishmael Ali, and Chicago-based drummer & improviser Bill Harris.

Approaching the session with fresh ears, the trio navigates their shared musical landscape work curiosity, intuition, and vigor. Brutal high-energy spaces are contrasted by subtle, ambient soundscapes. Their electro-acoustic approach interweaves acoustic sounds with various electronics, leading the listener into surprising, unfamiliar spaces.

The trio will be touring throughout the Midwest and East Coast in support of the record in March of 2020.