Recorded during the winter after a year of quarantining, Josh Berman, Eli Wallace, Ishmael Ali and Bill Harris convene for a live session at Marmalade Studios in Chicago. The resulting documentation, An Ill-Fitting Garment, focuses on acoustic interplay, often resulting in acousmatic moments which obfuscate who is making which sound. Individually, Wallace's ability to pull almost any sound from his prepared piano matches well with Harris's percussive textures, and Berman and Ali find common ground in pitched and harmonic material that can at times quickly displace in to textures nudging towards synth and electronic sounds. The quartet will celebrate the release of this record on February 18 at Constellation, sharing the evening with Lia Kohl and Macie Stewart.

Josh Berman - cornet
Eli Wallace - prepared piano
Ishmael Ali - cello
Bill Harris - drum set

Recorded at Marmalade on December 13, 2021, Chicago, IL.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ishmael Ali and Bill Harris.
Artwork and design by Ishmael Ali and Bill Harris.