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Words by Eli Namay:

As both a creative musician and activist I've sometimes struggled to articulate the connection between these two worlds. At times I’ve felt as if all my musical work must have political meaning through either adequately deconstructed aesthetics or on-the-nose messaging. Looking back at this period, I see that both my music and my political action suffered. Music cannot have political weight in this way. While aesthetics can help bring people together, transform us emotionally and spiritually, or help carry a political message for organizing (like the old Industrial Workers of the World songs did), political action that actually moves toward changing power relations cannot happen in the aesthetic realm.

Yet, there is something political about the creative music world in Chicago and elsewhere. The work of my musical comrades points beyond the limitations of capital. Limitations capitalism... more credits released March 10, 2020

Love In Outerspace by the Paul Giallorenzo Trio
Paul Giallorenzo - Piano
Josh Abrams - Bass
Mikel Avery - Drums
Recorded at the Hungry Brain on 5/13/17 by Bill Harris
Mixed/mastered by Bill Harris
"Love In Outerspace" written by Sun Ra (Sun Ra/Enterplanetary Koncepts, BMI)

Devouring the Guilt at Jamdek, 1/20/18
Gerrit Hatcher - Tenor saxophone
Eli Namay - Bass
Bill Harris - Drums
Recorded at Jamdek on 1/20/18 by Doug Malone
Mixed by Doug Malone
Mastered by Bill Harris

JayVe Montgomery at Slate Arts, 3/27/19
Recorded at Slate Arts on 3/27/19 by Bill Harris
Mixed/mastered by Bill Harris

Clausen/Heinemann/Hunton at Elastic Arts, 11/26/18
Sarah Clausen - Alto saxophone
Jakob Heinemann - Bass
Emerson Hunton - Drums
Recorded at Elastic Arts 11/26/18 by Bill Harris
Mixed/mastered by Bill Harris

Clinkman/Young/Kirshner at Cafe Mustache, 1/10/18
Andrew Clinkman - Guitar
Andrew Scott Young - Bass
Julian Kirshner - Drums
Recorded at Cafe Mustache on 1/10/18 by Bill Harris
Mixed/mastered by Bill Harris

Keefe Jackson & Didier Petit at Agitator Gallery, 11/19/18
Keefe Jackson - Tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
Didier Petit - Cello and voice
Recorded at Agitator Gallery on 11/19/18 by Bill Harris
Mixed/mastered by Bill Harris

Berman/Badenhorst/Baker/Lopez/Harris at Hungry Brain, 1/29/20
Josh Berman - Cornet
Joachim Badenhorst - Clarinet
Jim Baker - Piano
Brandon Lopez - Bass
Bill Harris - Drums
Recorded at Hungry Brain on 1/29/20 by Dave Zuchowski
Mixed/mastered by Bill Harris